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AVA GROUP produces and sells high-quality feed and feed additives for pig nutrition, which ensure high animal productivity and efficiency for the pig farming business.

The nutrition programmes developed by AVA Group experts provide animals with all the necessary nutrients and components for their growth, development and productivity, depending on the requirements of the organism at all stages of their growth and development.

A range of products that covers all age and technological groups of animals on farms and ensures maximum realization of the genetic potential of your livestock.

By choosing AVA GROUP products for pigs, you get:

  • high content of nutritional components in feed and feed additives, which are essential for the proper growth and development of animals;
  • a balanced feed that takes account of all the needs of the animal as an organism;
  • increase in the overall resistance of animals to diseases;
  • maximum realization of the genetic potential of animal productivity;
  • fast growth rates for fattening animals;
  • reduction in the cost of dairy farming products and increased company profitability;
  • a wide range of products that ensures an individual approach to each farm.

All products are developed in accordance with international animal nutrition standards and meet the latest quality and safety requirements for these products.

Nutrition of pigs in different periods