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Poultry feeding

Poultry feeding

Feeding is the most important component of poultry farming

A well-thought-out and properly balanced diet makes it possible to fully access the genetic potential of the birds being raised and to obtain a high profit from production.

In order to achieve maximum profitability from bird farming, it is necessary to properly develop a poultry feeding diet that is consistent with the bird farming programme and contributes to the goals and objectives of the business.

AVA Group experts have developed effective poultry feeding programmes

AVA Group experts have developed effective poultry feeding programmes that can increase production efficiency, thereby ensuring the profitability of the poultry farming business. Based on its own scientific developments and using balanced vitamin and mineral premixes or concentrates in its recipes, AVA Group produces high-quality bird feed using environmentally friendly raw materials. 


In the process of developing our product, we always take account of the scientifically proven requirements of the bird, as an organism, for vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients. Including the full range of these elements in poultry feed ensures maximum results in terms of average daily weight gain. Particular attention is paid to the development of products for young birds, as the initial stage of a bird’s life will determine its future potential.

AVA’s high-quality poultry farming products provide proven benefits for broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks and geese.

Implementing bird nutrition programmes from AVA Group means reaching the modern technological level and starting a programme for highly efficient bird farming, as well as gaining undeniable competitive advantages, such as:

  • optimum balance of the mixture of plant products with high protein content, which will ensure the most efficient supply of useful and essential nutrients throughout the entire raising period;
  • positive impact on poultry reproduction and welfare;
  • normalisation of metabolism in the body;
  • regulation of mineral and energy metabolism;
  • prevention of degenerative joint disease;
  • normalisation of nervous system functioning;
  • prevention of cannibalism among birds;
  • significant improvement in nutrient digestibility, etc.

All our poultry farming products have one purpose:

to satisfy the most important productivity needs of birds

All products are presented in a wide range and designed with the following in mind:

  • the age of the poultry (since birds of different age groups digest feed differently, and something that is perfect for young birds may be completely unacceptable for older birds);
  • the needs of the bird’s body for specific nutrients: protein, vitamins, various trace and macro minerals that are absent in the bird’s body;
  • type of poultry (laying hens, turkeys, broilers, etc.)

The best solution for you will depend on the situation on your farm!

AVA Group offers a wide range of products and a team of experienced professionals who will help you find a solution that meets your requirements. Before each offer, our technology experts and consultants carefully study your needs. Find out more on how our individual approach to each species makes a difference.

The company offers several comprehensive poultry nutrition programmes that are effectively used in various production schemes:

  • Programmes based on low-percentage CompoMix vitamin and mineral mixtures (0.1% – 1%);
  • Programmes based on MONIX poultry premixes (2.5–6%). The composition of this product is balanced in terms of mineral and vitamin nutrition, includes all the necessary amino acids, and is enriched with mycotoxin adsorbents and enzymes, as well as organic acids and other additives;
  • Programmes based on AVAMIX protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates (10–40%);
  • ALPHA pre-starter mixed feeds (100%).


Компанія AVA Group, що має багаторічний досвід роботи у сфері виробництва продукції для сільськогосподарського сектора, добре розуміє потреби своїх клієнтів – птахівницьких підприємств України, і прагне їх задовольнити. Саме це є відправною точкою для розробки програм годівлі та складання рецептів кормів для птиці, закупівлі якісної сировини та виробництва серії комбікормів і преміксів для птиці.