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April 14, 2006

Establishment of LLC “AgroVet Atlantic”. The company commenced its operations with the production and sale of products for swine farming through distributors and retail networks.


Commencement of the development and expansion of our own retail network through regional offices and product line extensions.


Signing of a partnership agreement with the globally renowned French premix manufacturer, CCPA Group, for the production of premixes, feed additives, and exclusive distribution in Ukraine.


Exclusive partnership established with EXAFAN (Spain), a leading manufacturer of housing and ventilation systems for swine farms and poultry complexes.


The “AgroVet Atlantic” group becomes the sole provider in Ukraine offering comprehensive solutions in animal husbandry and poultry farming, from feeding to turnkey business projects.

Exclusive distribution of Megalac protected fat in Ukraine (Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients, UK).


Full automation of production, enabling the production of over 19 thousand tons of premixes and concentrates annually.

Provision of unique comprehensive solutions in animal husbandry and poultry farming in Ukraine, from feeding to turnkey business projects.

Introduction of French 3D technology integration program into products and services of the “AgroVet Atlantic” group in collaboration with CCPA Group (France).


International recognition of the company. Entry into the markets of the Middle East and India.

Grant received from the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the construction of the “AgroVet Atlantic” compound feed plant in Uganda (Africa). Implementation of a training project in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Sultanate of Oman.

Establishment of the internationally renowned Dutch laboratory for agricultural feed research, BLGGAgroXpertus, in Ukraine.

Presentation of the concept for calf feeding “START DETERMINES THE FUTURE” (product lines CalfAtlantic, MilkFarm).


Commencement of construction of a high-tech Ukrainian-Dutch plant for the production of premixes and starter feeds with a capacity of 60 thousand tons per year in Monastyryshche district of Cherkasy region.

The same year, the FEEDLANCE holding structure was created with headquarters in the Netherlands to develop feed business beyond Eastern Europe.

In-house production of INTENS bypass protein.

Establishment of the Ruminian Nutrition Academy — a series of international training and certification programs for ruminant feeding specialists.

The company entered the history of Ukraine by setting a national record for the longest sandwich with lard.


Presentation of the concept of multi-phase feeding in the starter period and the start of production of own milk replacers for piglets (Alpha product line).


The “AgroVet Atlantic” group celebrated its 10th anniversary. During this period, the company evolved from a small feed manufacturer into a major player in the animal husbandry market, providing comprehensive services in the fields of feeding, veterinary medicine, equipment, and genetics.

In the same year, the company began developing its own network of flagship stores “AVA MARKET”, offering its own production feed additives. Today, the stores operate successfully in all regions of Ukraine.

The FEEDLANCE feed mill for the production of compound feeds, premixes for ruminants, poultry, and pigs was launched in Kampala, Uganda.

Launch of the updated portfolio of protein concentrates and premixes for pig fattening (Avamix and Monix product lines).


Active search for unique solutions in animal and poultry feeding and expansion of the feed portfolio.

Commencement of an exclusive partnership with a number of international additive manufacturers — Agritech (Ireland), Neovita (France), Pancosma (Switzerland), Provit (Poland), Lucta (Spain).


Due to the international expansion of the AVA Group, the company changed its name to AVA Group.

Expansion of the company’s activities in Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Commencement of an exclusive partnership with the international company Chr. Hansen (Denmark) to develop the Ukrainian market for silage inoculants under the SiloSolve brand.

Development and updating of the portfolio of products for reproductive livestock according to the requirements of leading genetic companies, presentation of the “Productive Sow” feeding program.


AVA Group recognized as the best feed manufacturer in Ukraine. The company won the “AGROBRAND 2019” competition.

In the same year, the first digital projects for automated management of livestock complexes using IT technologies were launched.

Introduction of Kexxtone product to the Ukrainian market — a unique solution for dairy farms from Elanco (USA).


The AVA Group structure was expanded with the inclusion of the IT-feedTech startup PROFEED Technology.

PROFEED Technology is a leader among IT solutions for livestock management in Ukraine.

Update of the portfolio for suckling piglets, presentation of solid super starters for piglet weaning.


Scaling of FEEDLANCE distribution and opening of a feed sales network in Uganda and Tanzania.

Presentation in Ukraine of a unique solution for piglet feeding within the “START DETERMINES THE FUTURE” concept: OptiCare milk replacer, SWINCO (Netherlands) automated feeding system Automix 24/7.


Presentation on the Ukrainian market of Exential Toxin A and Exential Toxin Plus products — mycotoxin adsorbents for farms from ORFFA (Netherlands).


To be continued…