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Intelligent Feeding from AVA GROUP

Combining precision feeding and feedtech solutions to improve the economic efficiency of dairy farming

Intelligent Feeding from AVA GROUP

Поєднання точної годівлі та feedtech рішень для підвищення економічної ефективності тваринництва

Maxim Shevchuk

Maxim Shevchuk

CEO of AVA Group

CEO of AVA Group

An effective solution for a modern farm

One of the main challenges faced by investors is the discrepancy between the expected results, which were calculated on paper and based on use of specific technological solutions when investing in a project, and the real results. Almost always, there is a deviation from the expected result, whether related to veterinary medicine, feeding technology, genetic features, etc. Our company therefore set out to find out: what can we improve in terms of feeding? While studying the market and looking for solutions, we’ve discovered that there are many parameters in feeding that are currently measured manually, with human intervention, and there is therefore no guarantee that the tasks we set out on paper will be achieved.


To address all of these issues, i.e. to implement each of the components of intelligent feeding, AVA Group has developed a number of digital technologies that would allow all of these processes to be managed online simply using a smartphone.


We develop and implement feeding solutions for ALL TYPES OF FARMS to increase their production efficiency and optimise costs.

Each farm is unique. When developing our rations, we take account of more than 50 parameters to achieve the best possible result.

And your personal feeding consultant will help you to implement the programme and adjust the diet at any stage.


The basic principles of the Intelligent Feeding solution.

Diet calculation

Individual diets include a feeding programme, ready-to-use feed recipes and premixes.

All diets meet the latest norms and standards of the world’s leading institutes,

such as Wageningen, Schothorst, CVB and NASEM (NRC).

Feed provision

Our feed and feed additives are produced at our own plants from Ukrainian and imported raw materials.

Each batch of raw materials and finished products is tested in our own laboratories and the international EuroFins Agro lab.

We are also the official distributor of unique products and global brand solutions.

Feeding at all stages

Feed distribution

  • Feeding frequency
  • Feeding/distribution time
  • Maintaining feed quality after distribution

Collecting data by reference points

  • Constant monitoring
  • By raising periods
  • Data quantity and quality
  • Systemisation
  • Response time

Constant adjustments of the farm operation

Efficiency analysis
  • Statistics for different periods/technologies/approaches to feeding
  • Comparison with normative indicators/TOP and average results in the industry
  • Accessible data and the ability to adjust actions in real time
  • Use of Big Data
  • Use of artificial intelligence

Accuracy and efficiency

FeedTech solutions provide for automatic planning and control of the feeding process, minimising the human factor and supplying animals with a diet that fully matches the calculated one.

Professional approach

Solutions are developed based on a deep understanding of animal physiology and modern nutrition standards, using advanced feed analysis and taking account of the technological features of the farm.

Sustainable results

Solutions are implemented with the support provided by your personal consultant, which allows you to respond to any changes in a timely manner and ensure stable results.


Scientific solutions are tested in real practice.

We test the solution on our own farms, which operate according to the Intelligent Feeding Farm standard.


If you are interested in developing a nutrition strategy, developing diets, analysing feeds, or providing technological advice, please leave a request.

Contact us to start cooperation!