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  An important part of the technology of cattle farming is the rearing of young stock. The main task of raising calves is to realize their genetic potential. In order to do this, it is necessary to provide them with optimal housing conditions and properly organize nutrition.

  AVA Group's products portfolio is designed in accordance with modern feeding programs, and their proper use can ensure the health, intensive growth, and development of calves.

Investments in calf rearing are investments in the future


  MilkFarm is a line of new-generation milk replacers. The content of nutrients in products, including minerals and vitamins, meets modern requirements and guarantees the normal course of all metabolic processes in the body of the calf. The main ingredients of the products are skimmed milk and whey powder. Additionally introduced components provide animals with immunoglobulins and stimulate intestinal development. The use of MilkFarm milk replacers helps to ensure the health, optimal development of the body and increase the weight gain of the calf. By ensuring the intensive growth and development of calves in the first months of life, we program them for maximum productivity in the future.

  CalfAtlant prestarter feeds are specifically designed to stimulate rumen development. Perfect composition ensures high feed intake, growth of rumen papillae, and general development of the body. The use of CalfAtlant prestarters will prepare the calf for weaning and avoid the so-called "gain gap" after weaning.