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A healthy, high production cow is the key to an efficient dairy farming.

  The intelligent feeding concepts of AVA Group are based on modern scientific research and standards and tested on the best dairy farms in Ukraine and Europe. We produce a wide range of products for cows at different stages of lactation and gestation, which ensure health, high milk yield, and reproduction. In addition to feeds and feed additives made in Ukraine, our portfolio contains unique products from world-renowned companies and brands.

Our lines and products:

  • Avamix Intens 80 – special product with high level of bypass protein (RUP).
  • Avavit – vitamins & minerals premixes and blends.
  • Avamix concentrates
  • Avamix Transition Concept – products for the transit period
  • Avastar – health products supplement
  • Megalac - is a rumen-protected fat supplement, Volac & Wilmar, United Kingdom.
  • Kexxtone is an intraruminal bolus to reduce the incidence of ketosis, Elanco, USA.
  • Silosolve - bacterial inoculant for improved fermentation and aerobic stability of silage, Chr. Hansen, Denmark.
  • Victurea - slow down urea, Palital Feed Additives, The Netherlands.
  • PerformaNat Calcium Bolus - calcium bolus, PerformaNat, Germany.