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Pigs feeding

AVA Group is a manufacturer of pig-breeding production under trademarks “FeedLance” and “Zdorova”.

The products produced by  AVA Group are high-quality fodders and fodder additives for pigs, which are necessary for effective management of pig-breeding farm.

They were created according to the world fodder standards for pigs and

They are worked out in accordance with world standards of pig fodder and meet all modern requirements for quality and safety of these products. Wherein, produced fodders and additives for pigs are ideal for growing most of the breeds traditionally bred by pig-breeding farms of Ukraine.

BMVD for pigs are an indispensable product for animals of any age and weight, since it contains the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The composition of fodder for pigs is balanced, takes into account all the needs of the animal's organism and allows to increase its mass quickly and effectively. High-quality pork, characterized by high nutritional value and excellent taste qualities it is result of the use of BMVD for pigs.

Unique program that elaborated by AVA Group specialists allow increase productivity of pig-breeding farms and get great results pigs fattening. A lot of stock breeder which use fodders and fodder additives for pigs had verified in quality and high affectivity this products.

Thus, the undeniable advantages of using a pre-starter for piglets and premix for pigs in pig farms are:

  • high content of nutrient components in feed and feed additives necessary for the full-fledged growth of animals;
  • increase immunity and resistance of their organisms to diseases;
  • a rapid increase in the weight of animals fattened with a premix for pigs;
  • a significant saving in the consumption of feed mixtures;
  • reduction of the cost of produced livestock products and increase of profitability of the enterprise.