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Poultry feeding

The most important component in poultry farming is feeding. A well thought out and properly balanced ration provides an opportunity to fully discover the genetic potential of the birds being grown, and to obtain a high profit from production.

In order to achieve maximum profitability from poultry cultivation, it is necessary to competently compose a ration of its feeding that should correspond to the poultry keeping program and contribute to the realization of the goals and objectives of this business.

Experts of the GC "AgroVet Atlantic" have developed effective poultry feeding programs that can increase the productivity of production, and thereby ensure the profitability of poultry business management.

Based on our own scientific developments and applying balanced vitamin and mineral premixes or concentrates in the recipe, GC "AgroVet Atlantic" produces high-quality poultry feeds using environmentally friendly raw materials.

In the process of product development, the scientifically justified needs of the poultry organism in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients are taken into account. The complete complex of these elements in the composition of poultry feed provides the maximum results on the average daily increase. Particular attention is paid to the development of products for young animals, since at the initial stage of the life of the poultry its future potential is laid.

The company offers several integrated poultry feeding programs, which are effectively used in various production schemes:

  • Programs based on low-percentage vitamin-mineral mixtures "CompoMix" (0,5% -1%);
  • Programs based on premixes for poultry "MONIX" (1.25-5%). The composition of this product is balanced in terms of mineral and vitamin nutrition, includes all the necessary amino acids, is enriched with mycotoxin adsorbents and enzymes, as well as organic acids and other additives;
  • Programs based on protein vitamin-mineral concentrates "ProtPlex" (10-35%);
  • Prestarter feed "Feedex" (100%).

The GC "Agrovet Atlantic" has many years of experience in the production of products for the agricultural sector, understands the needs of its customers - poultry enterprises of Ukraine, and seeks to meet them.

This is the starting point for the development of feeding programs and the compilation of feed recipes for poultry, the purchase of quality raw materials and the production a series of mixed fodders and premixes for poultry:

  • For poultry farms
  • For households