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When you calculate rations you trust the results of feed analysis. When we analyze the nutritional value of these feeds, we trust NIRS - Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy.

In June 2013, AVA Group opened the first independent Dutch laboratory in Ukraine to analyze the nutritional value of forages, grain, and protein, as well as compound feed for farm animals. Thanks to the partnership with Eurofins Agro (Netherlands) and the NIRS methodology, the results of the analysis of the nutritional value have become faster, more accurate, and more reliable.

Eurofins Agro was founded in the Netherlands in 1929. The company is an expert in the animal feed research area and is represented in more than 50 countries of the world with 500 laboratories. The laboratory analyzes more than 700,000 samples per year.

Eurofins Agro uses an analytical method system confirmed by international standards BS EN ISO 17025, which has been approved and approved by the Accreditation Board. Accreditation number – L122. Attestation certificate in Ukraine No. 36-4/562 dated 06/05/2013

To obtain reliable results, Eurofins Agro uses the NIRS research system.

NIRS – Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy is an analytical method that uses near-infrared light to create a light absorption spectrum of a sample. This spectrum can be compared with reference spectra of samples with a known composition in a NIRS-database.


● QUICKLY – time for NIRS is:

- dry feed – 2 hours;

- wet feed – up to 2 days;

in comparison with classical methods (from 3 to 5 days).

● HIGH ACCURACY – full automation of the research process, human error is excluded.


- no chemicals are used;

- the material/feed remains suitable for research on other indicators (control).


- international quality management system BS EN ISO 17025;

- annual certification of the NIRS system of sample research;

- daily, weekly and monthly validation using a reference sample transmitted from the Netherlands, pre-tested by the classic reference method.

● EXPERIENCE – more than 93 years of recognition in agricultural feed area and component research.


Wet and dry feedGrainProtein feedCompound feed«Standart F»dry matter, crude ash, digestibility of organic matter, crude protein, soluble crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, sugar, starch, NDF7
«Profi F»Profi B + calcium, phosphorus, sodium10

*– the number of indicators can depending on the type of feed.

**– for soya.


  • samples are taken directly on the farm;
  • in the Ukrainian laboratory, the samples are prepared and initial processing on a NIRS analyzer;
  • the spectral result is sent via the Internet to the Netherlands (the fact of physical transfer/forwarding of samples is completely excluded);
  • the spectral result is processed by laboratory specialists;
  • a report is prepared according to the ordered parameters with target nutrient value, and recommendations are also provided;
  • a complete report for the client is sent to his e-mail.


    • each feed sample must be separately packed and signed;
    • the weight of one feed sample is 1.0 - 1.5 kg;
    • wet feed (silage) must be hermetically packed;
    • COVERING LETTER is attached, which must state:
      • name of the farm;
      • type of feed;
      • indicators for which research should be conducted (package);
      • responsible person (name).