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Silosolve – bacterial inoculant for improved fermentation and aerobic stability of silage.

The best solution to silage challenges

Silages are the basis of most rations for cows around the world. Harvesting stable, high-quality silage is a challenge, which can be solved by using an effective inoculant.

The main purpose of using the inoculant is to support the right fermentation, and save organic dry matter, nutritional value, quality, and taste of silages.

Proper silage management has a significant impact on the overall profitability of a dairy farm.

Silosolve – bacterial inoculants from Chr. Hansen, has been growing bacteria for over 150 years. Silosolve inoculants help produce high-quality and consistent silage and haylage.

The Silosolve portfolio includes special inoculants for a variety of forage crops and ensiling conditions.

With Silosolve inoculants, your silage will be stable, high in nutrition and taste.