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AVA Group for cattle farms produces products under the following trade names: Zdorova® and Dairy Atlant.

Products for feeding cattle, developed by experts of company, have high rates of assimilation of micro- and macroelements, optimal energy content to enrich the diets of animals and the presence in the composition of innovative components that contribute to the growth milk production of your dairy cattle.

Nutrition, welfare, veterinary care, selection – the four main areas that are basis of any successful and highly of livestock farming.

AVA Group have proposed the program of increasing production milk and beef which base on similar model adapted to the Ukrainian market conditions and has some a purposes:

  • to increase level of cows productivity;
  • to reduce duration of service period;
  • to accelerate the exit of young stock;
  • to reduce the duration of the feeding cycle;
  • to reduce the milk cost.

The optimization of feeding cattle via feed additives Zdorova® (premixes, additives for animals FMR) is the basis in system of production beef and milk. Products for cattle as Zdorova® and Dairy Atlant can be used at every stage of the production cycle:

  • At production of milk: in the dryness period, as well as first, second and third phases of lactation;
  • At production of beef production: during the dairy period, rearing, fattening.