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Guided by the rule of responsible business, GC "AgroVet Atlantic" considers corporate responsibility as a prerequisite for the company's sustainable development. The group of companies adheres to these principles in all areas of its activities, including social initiatives within the framework of corporate responsibility.

We commit ourselves to achieve high financial results and at the same time make a positive contribution to the life of the society and the regions in which our company is represented.

For us to be socially responsible is to take care of the future generation, the environment, to help develop the regions in which our employees live and work.

The GC "AgroVet Atlantic" conducts charitable activities in the regions where its production sites are located. The company reserves the right to contribute to the coverage of CSR projects in the media through press conferences, press tours, press releases, interviews, use of the logo, etc.

The GC "AgroVet Atlantic"  primarily seeks to support projects in the field of:

• Education in the field of agriculture;

• Protecting the environment and reducing the consumption of natural resources;

• Research in the field of animal husbandry and poultry farming;

• Educational work aimed at raising awareness of the quality of education in the sphere of agro-industrial complex;

Current projects in the framework of corporate social responsibility:

• National program of advanced training for specialists in cattle and pigs;

• A social responsibility program for feed mill workers in Uganda under the auspices of the Government of the Netherlands;

• The program of social assistance to talented children in the urban-type settlement Tsibulev;

• Program for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the school and kindergarten in the urban-type settlement Tsibulev

• Program for the Development of Young Specialists in the Agrarian Sector within the framework of the Agrovet Academy.