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Our history

14th of April 2006 the company “AgroVet Atlantik” had been founded. The company started it work from production and selling products for pig breeding through distributors and retail network.

Year 2008: Building and development own trading network due to representatives in regions and expansion of product line. Later the partnership agreement with the world-famous French producer of premixes CCPA Group was signed.

Year 2009: Exclusive distribution of high quality feed additives of the leading European manufacturer CCPA Group(France) under trade mark FeedLance. High-tech approach in feeds producing, advanced marketing strategies and management solutions guarantee getting high quality feed which meets European and world standards.

Year 2010: Established of an exclusive partnership with known manufacturer of content and ventilation systems company EXAFAN (Spain) and world's leading companies Alltech (USA) and Volac (UK), which provide solutions for production of feed additives and animal feeding. Foundation of company “Feedlance-Ukraine”.

Year 2011: group of companies “Agrovet Atlantik” – the only one in Ukraine that provides the unique complex decisions in livestock and poultry farming, from feeding to business projects "on a turn-key basis". The entire production process had been automated, manufactured more than 19 thousand tons of additives per year.

Year 2012: Full automatization of production, allowing producing more than 19 thousand tons of additives per year. Presentation of unique for Ukraine complex solutions for livestock and poultry farming, from feeding to business projects "on a turn-key basis".

Year 2013: time of international recognition of the company. Entering to the markets of the Middle East and India. GC “AgroVet Atlantik” received a grand from the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the construction compound feed plant in Uganda (Africa). Jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Sultanate of Oman has been implemented training project. In Ukraine was opened the world-famous Dutch laboratory for research of agricultural fodder BLGGAgroXpertus. Jointly with the CCPA Group (France), has been introduced a program for integration French 3D technologies into the products and services of the GC “AgroVet Atlantic”.

Year 2014: The Company went down in history of Ukraine. The Company went down in history of Ukraine. GC "AgroVet Atlantik" went down in history of Ukraine setting a national record making the longest sandwich with lard. In the same year, “Feedlance Ukraine” joined to the international group of companies Feedlance with headquarters in the Netherlands.

In the Monasteryshchenskom district of Cherkasy region began construction of a high-tech Ukrainian-Dutch factory of producing premixes and prestarteres with a productivity of 60,000 tons per year began.

Had been founded “Cow signals” - a series of international trainings and certifications for cattle specialists.

Year 2015: GC "AgroVet Atlantik" had founded Swine academy. Swine academy - it’s an annual program for professional development, the direction of "Pigs", for Ukrainian specialists with the involvement of foreign experts.

Year 2016: GC "AgroVet Atlantik" celebrated it`s 10th anniversary. During this period, the company has grown from a small feed manufacturer into a major player in the livestock business market, providing integrated services in the feed field, veterinary medicine, equipment, genetics.

In the same year, the company began to develop it`s own brand stores "AgroVet Retail", where presents feed additives of their own producted. Shops are successfully worked in Vinnytsia, Kirovograd and Khmelnytsky regions.

Year 2017: AgroVet Atlantik Group has launched an automated management system for animal breeding complexes.

This is an exclusive development of the company's experts, which allows accounting and control of all processes in production (amount of feed consumed, weight of animals at different stages of growing, etc.) in automatic mode, without human factor influence.

Year 2018: Due to entering the international market, "Agrovet Atlantik" changed its name to AVA Group.

Development of the company's activities in the former CIS countries, Africa and the Middle East.

Year 2019: AVA Group is recognized as the best fodder producer in Ukraine.

The company won the "AGROBRAND 2019" competition.

In the same year, the first digital projects for automated management of animal breeding complexes with the help of IT technology were launched.

Year 2020: active development of digital solutions for the animal husbandry.

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